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Copying the supplier’s feed to the Main feed


Before starting to work in the yfifx service, as a rule, you already have your Main feed, information from which goes to your online store — this is the name and description of products, their prices, and availability. You download this Main feed right away when you start working in the service, if you have one.

You also download and update the price feeds of your suppliers and create references between the products in these price lists. You may need to form the Main Feed from scratch or supplement it with some new supplier’s feeds. You can then delete unnecessary commodity items within the framework of a specific price list.

There are three ways to copy products from the supplier’s feed to the Main feed. With any method of copying, the references between the products of the supplier and the Main Feed are built automatically.

Copying products through the function “Copy supplier’s feed into Main feed”

With this method of copying, all products from the supplier’s feed are copied, and the function “Categories Mapping” is also available.

Select  Functions in the menu and in the drop-down list press — “Copy supplier feed into Main feed”.

In the window that opens, select the Supplier Feed of the supplier from which you want to copy the products and click “Run copy”.

Copying products from the supplier’s price page

This method is convenient when you need to copy all the products, and when you need to copy part of the products from the supplier’s price list, for example, products to which  Filter is applied.

Go to the supplier’s price page and click “Copy all to the Main Feed”:


Selective copying of products from the supplier’s feed to the Main feed

Go to the supplier’s price page, select the necessary products for copying with checkmarks and click “Copy to Main Feed”:


Errors, why the product may not be copied

It quite often happens that you start copying a product, but it does not happen.

The reasons why the product is not copied into the Main Feed are as follows:

  1. This product is already in the Main Feed. How to check what to do: open the Main Feed and enter the article of the copied product into the search and see if it exists. If so, then build a reference with the product that you want to copy or delete it and copy it again.
  2. This product has a reference with the product from the Main Feed. The reference can be with a non-existent product in the Main Feed, then the plus sign of the links does not glow green. How to check what to do: open the References button in the supplier’s feed, then click “Show bad references” and enter our article in the search. If a reference is found, you can delete it. You can remove all broken references if you are at the stage of initial settings and testing.
  3. You are using category matching (if you don’t use it, this item is not relevant for you) and it is not specified for the category of the copied product. How to check what to do: open the copied product (the Open button for the product), go to the Categories tab and copy the entire category line. Then go to the menu “Functions — Copy supplier feed into Main feed”, select the supplier and download the file of Categories Mapping (button “Download template”). Open the Excel file and look for a product category in it (CTRL + F). If it is not there, add it to the file and repeat copying.
  4. If items 1-3 have been checked and the product is still not copied, write to us, and we will help you solve the problem.

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