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Updating the parent feed by SKU

There are situations when a supplier gives one price list with the content of products, and in another price list, for example, prices and quantities. In order to combine these two price lists into one — in the yfifx, it is possible to create prices — parent (main content) and child (for example, prices and quantities).

When loading a child price list, the fields specified in the download settings, for example, prices and quantities, will be automatically updated in the parent feed. The parent feed is updated according to the article.

How to create and update a parent price list

  1. We load the parent feed first.
    For example, I load a price list in which there are no prices and quantities, and I will need to update these columns from the second price list:
  2. Create a second price list, into which we will load the child feed.
  3. For the settings for updating the parent feed, you require knowing the ID of the parent feed. To do this, in the created price list, click on the name of the price list. From the displayed list of all suppliers feed, you require finding the parent feed and remember its ID.
  4. Next, click on the “Upload” tab.
  5. In the download window, select the appropriate download type (1) and click the lowest line “Extra settings” (2).
  6. In the line “Parent Price ID” — write the ID of the parent feed.
  7. In the line “ParentPriceUpdateProcessingMode (Qty, Price, RRP, Weight etc.)” — write the field that needs to be updated, if there are several fields, then separated by commas. For example, if you need to update the price and availability, write in the line — Qty,Price(3).
  8. Click “Continue” (4) and load the price list as usual.
  9. As a result of loading the child feed in the parent feed, the fields that you specified in the settings will be automatically updated according to the SKU. In my case, after loading the child feed in the parent feed, prices, and quantities were updated:

Available fields to update

Using this method of updating, you can update not only the quantities and the price, but most of the fields in the yfifx. Examples of field names can be found in this table:


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