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Update Main Feed content from the supplier

In the Main Feed in yfifx, you can add or update content from other suppliers feed that are in the yfifx.

Why is it needed — if the products in the Main Feed do not have enough content, you can add or update it from any other upload that you have. This can be downloading content from the supplier’s site, for example. Or any other content uploaded to the PM.

As a result, the function allows you to “enrich” your product cards with missing content from other sources.

In addition to content, you can update any other parameters, such as product weight, manufacturer, manufacturer’s article, etc.

To update the content, you must:

  1. create a supplier’s feed in the PM and upload a file to it
  2. build references between the products of the Main Feed and the supplier feed, where the content was uploaded;
  3. launch the content update function, which will update the Main Feed using the created references.

To start the content update function, go to Functions — Content — Update Main Feed content from the supplier

In the window that opens, select the supplier’s feed from which we will update the Main Feed and select the field that needs to be updated. There are three update options: update always, update only if empty, and add new values (for arrays only).

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