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Elevate Your Store with YfiFX: The Ultimate Solution for Seamless Shopify CSV and XML Imports

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Welcome to Your Ultimate Shopify CSV/XML/Api Integrations Import Solution!

Are you a passionate store owner looking to streamline your product management on Shopify? Are CSV and XML files causing you more headaches than harmony? Look no further – is here to simplify and elevate your e-commerce game!

Why Choose

Core Functions

Product Data Import

The software imports product data from the wholesaler's system, including product details like name, description, specifications, images, and variants (e.g., size, color). This involves integrations with the wholesaler's API or the ability to upload data files in various formats (e.g., CSV, XLSX).

Data Mapping

The software allows you to map the wholesaler's data fields to your Shopify store's product data fields. This ensures consistency and accuracy when uploading product information.

Inventory Management

The software synchronizes inventory levels between your store and the wholesaler's system. This helps avoid overselling and ensures you have accurate stock levels displayed on your store.

Pricing and Markup Rules

The software allows you to set pricing rules for the imported products. This might involve adding a fixed markup percentage or setting minimum and maximum prices.